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Blade accessories

Additional Wings

The VAMA rear blade additional wings can diversify and improve the usage possibilities of your rear blade.

Model Weight Type Height Width
SSOLA 40 kg Throwing 810 mm 1600 mm
SSV 45 kg Rigid straight end plate 680 mm 750 mm
SSO45 85 kg Rigid 45° end plate 680 mm 825 mm
SSVH600 140 kg Hydr. swivel 710mm 675 mm
SSON90L 74 kg Hydr. lifting end plate 400 mm 550 mm

Back plates

The back plate can get the blade to work in both directions without turning the blade.

Model Weight Height Width
TL250 200 kg 710 mm 2500 mm
TL300 230 kg 710 mm 3000 mm
TL380 300 kg 710 mm 3800 mm

Support wheels

y using VAMA support wheels, the end result is smooth. Support wheels are easy to install.

Model Weight Operation Adjustment Tyre size
VAMA K 48 kg Mech. 150 mm 5.00-8
VAMA KH 52 kg Hydr. 150 mm 5.00-8
VAMA J 82 kg Mech. 220 mm 155/80R13
VAMA JH 84 kg Hydr. 220 mm 155/80R13
VAMA R 120 kg Mech. 220 mm 155/80R13
VAMA RH 126 kg Hydr. 220 mm 155/80R13
VAMA RM 216 kg Mech. 170 mm 20x8.50-12
VAMA RMH 220 kg Hydr. 170 mm 20x8.50-12
VAMA P 210 kg Mek. 120 mm 20x8.50-12
VAMA PH 214 kg Hydr. 120 mm 20x8.50-12