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VAMA road blades

The VAMA road blade is an effective solution to detach the hard ridge of snow at the edge of the road, but it is very suitable for year-round use. For pressing, the road blade uses the tractors own weight, and does not require any additional brackets to be installed.

A VAMA rear blade can easily be connected to the VAMA road blade, and thus it becomes a more effective tool. The road blade requires two pieces of 2-way hydraulic outputs, as well as a free return.

• Mechanical ploughing adjustment
• Pressing adjustment valve
• Pressing pressure accumulator
• 3 point fittings Cat.2 / Cat.3
• First installation blade plane/indented
• Hydraulic pressing
• Hydraulic ploughing angle adjustment +/- 25°
• Support wheels
• Bolted end plates
• Hydraulically rising end plates
• Hydraulic push rod for the plough
• Carbide blades
• Additional hydraulic blocks
  1. Technical data
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Model Weight Width (A) Wing height (B) Blade angle adjustment
2500 P2 750 kg 2500 mm 400 mm mec. 3 position
2750P2 765 kg 2750 mm 400 mm mec. 3 position
3000 P2 780 kg 3000 mm 400 mm mec. 3 position
3500P2 800 kg 3500 mm 400 mm mec. 3 position

Weights may vary depending on the equipment.