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Gritter buckets

The VAMA gritter bucket is a powerful tool for gritting work, and it can be installed to either front lifting equipment or to the rear depending on the fitting choice. The grille at the bottom of the bucket offers additional safety, as well as prevents large frozen pieces or stones from accessing the roller. The gritting speed can be adjusted in levels with the flow control valve for optimal performance in all work situations. The support feet allow upright storage to be done effortlessly and safely.

• For demanding professional use
• Works with a hydraulic motor
• Mixing/crushing shaft
• Flow control valve with speed adjustment
• Occupational safety is increased with grilles at the bottom of the bucket
• Support feet

Protection cover as an accessory.
  1. Technical data
  2. Photos
Type Weight Width (A) Gritting width(B) Height (C) Volume
ETH150 498 kg 1700 mm 1500 mm 1175 mm 915 litres
ETH180 542 kg 2000 mm 1800 mm 1175 mm 1100 litres
ETH210 586 kg 2300 mm 2100 mm 1175 mm 1285 litres
ETH250 650 kg 2500 mm 2500 mm 1175 mm 1530 litres
ETH270 680 kg 2700 mm 2700 mm 1175 mm 1650 litres

Weights may vary depending on the equipment.