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Towable gritters

The VAMA towable gritters are sturdy gritting trailers designed for demanding professional use.

Due to their large capacity they can be used to large areas at once, so they are extremely powerful tools for gritting. There are several accessories available for the VAMA towable gritters for different purposes of use. The adequately designed frame allows the full use of the gritter’s gritting capacity, as all the gravel can drain into the crusher/mixer shaft and it does not remain on top of the structures.

• Stepless spreading speed control valve
• Hydraulic motor
• Mixing shaft
• Protective grille at the bottom of the trailer
• Support stand
• LED side lights

  1. Technical data
  2. Accessories
  3. Photos
Model Weight Width (A) Gritting width (B) Height (C) Volume Length (D) Tyre size
TH1800 1180 kg 2000 mm 1800 mm 1540 mm 2200 l 3050 mm 400/60-15.5
TH2500 1330 kg 2700 mm 2500 mm 1690 mm 3500 l 3050 mm 400/60-15.5
TH2500H 1750 kg 2700 mm 2500 mm 2250 mm 5500 l 3150 mm 550/45-22.5

Weights may vary depending on the equipment.

• Protective cover
• Protective cover folding mechanism
• Brakes
• Shovel holder
• Central lubrication
• Bottom heater (hydraulic)
• Vibration
• Ball towing device
• Automatic quantity adjustment
• GPS tracking