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VAMA ploughs

The VAMA area plough range has been developed specifically for ploughing snow off roads, yards and parking areas. The range has several different types of ploughs according to needs. The pushing arms of the VAMA area ploughs have good floating properties in order to achieve a smooth ploughing result. The ploughing level is easy to adjust either with support plates are with support wheels that are available as accessories.

The VAMA swivelling plough range is a diverse series of ploughs for different sized industrial equipment. The swivelling ploughs are at their best in conditions, where the size of the areas vary in size from narrower paths to wider areas, and snow needs to be piled up in places. The VAMA swivelling ploughs have good floating features and the blades, depending on the model, have springs in either two or four parts. This all makes for a very smooth ploughing result.

The VAMA U-ploughs have the same pushing block as the VAMA area ploughs have. The pushing blocks have the same swivelling and floating properties as the area ploughs. In addition to the middle plate turning, the U-plough also has side wings on both sides that turn forwards and backwards, which enable, for example, the efficient collection of snow.

The VAMA spreading ploughs are suitable for ploughing both small and large areas. The hydraulically spreading extension wings make this plough an especially flexible tool for conditions, where it is occasionally essential to fit through narrow spaces.

The VAMA Bulldozer blades are basic economical tools for snow work, where there is only little or occasional snow. The clear view over the bulldozer blade, as well as the support plates enable precise operation. The bulldozer blade can be equipped with a pushing block, which has the floating feature, as well as hydraulic rotation.