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Bulldozer blades

The VAMA Bulldozer blades are basic economical tools for snow work, where there is only little or occasional snow. The clear view over the bulldozer blade, as well as the support plates enable precise operation. The bulldozer blade
can be equipped with a pushing block, which has the floating feature, as well as hydraulic rotation.

• Thread adjustable support plates
• First installation blade plane/indented

  1. Technical data
  2. Accessories
Model Weight Height (A) Width min. (B)
EAP2500 225 kg 710 mm 2500 mm
EAP3000 270 kg 710 mm 3000 mm
EAP3800 345 kg 710 mm 3800 mm

Weights without pushing block and wings

• Pushing block, +/- 42° swiveling
• 45° wings, bolt mounting
• Various blade options
• Multi-function valves
• Carbide blades
• LED side lights