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Spreading ploughs

The VAMA spreading ploughs are suitable for ploughing both small and large areas. The hydraulically spreading extension wings make this plough an especially flexible tool for conditions, where it is occasionally essential to fit through narrow spaces.

• Hydraulic extension wings, enables asynchronous use of the wings
• Flexible structure
• Threaded adjustable stands
• +/-42° rotation, pushing block familiar from the VAMA area ploughs with the floating feature
• Available for all standard front loaders
• Reflectors

  1. Technical data
  2. Accessories
Model Weight Height (A) Width min. (B) Width Max. (C) Depth (D)
ELA2100 1000 kg 1100 mm 2100 mm 3300 mm 1650 mm
ELA2500 1150 kg 1100 mm 2500 mm 4100 mm 1650 mm
ELA3000 1250 kg 1200 mm 3000 mm 4600 mm 1650 mm

Weights may vary depending on the equipment.

• Various blade options
• Multi-function valves
• Carbide blades
• LED side lights