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Snow stake collector machine

• The snow stake collector’s functions happen automatically
• The collector can be started up and is stopped conveniently from the cabin
• The collector is placed on the platform or a truck or lorry, or on a trailer
• On motorways collecting can be done on both sides, parallel to the traffic
• No protruding parts during transportation
• Powered by air-cooled internal combustion engine 4kW
• Required electrical current from the car
• Large opening angle for the marker clamp
• It only takes a few seconds to lift the marker and drop it in the container

  1. Technical data
  2. Photos
Engine power 4 kW Width 1200-2000 mm
Hydraulics 100 bar Height 800-1000 mm
Operation voltage 12/24 V Length 1250 mm
Driving speed max. 30 km/h Weight 250 kg