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Snow stake setting machine

• The snow stake setting machine is easy and quick to install on the vehicle by using the vehicle’s own lifter. This markering machine that can be fitted to a lightweight truck can also be fitted to a lorry, wheel loader and tractor by using fitting components.

• The machine can be used to install the ploughing markers in the direction of traffic on both sides of the motorway.

• The snow stake setting machine’s cycle is started by the driver from the control panel inside the cabin. At the beginning of the cycle, the machine moves the spike approx. 30 cm away from the side of the machine. The spike rotates during the insertion. The tamping press compresses the marker firmly in the ground and at the same time slightly tilts the marker away from the road.

• When the spike hits, for example, a stone, the machine automatically lifts the spike and the indicator light on the control panel in the cabin informs the driver of an obstacle.

• The machine can be used to pitch plastic, bamboo and twig markers. Measuring poles used in road paving work can be installed with this machine.

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Transition drive width 3000 mm Operation cycle time of the machine 8-12 sek
Weight 950 kg Max. Working speed approx. 150 markers/h
Operating voltage 24 V (As an accessory 12 V) Cassette loading time 6-10 min.
Hydraulic oil demand 50-70 l/min –150 bar Marker cassette compartment amount 150-200 pcs
Spike drilling depth 300 mm