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Vertical spiral snow throwers

The VAMA vertical spiral snow throwers are suitable for both light and heavy snow throwing, as well as for removing hard ridges of snow. The snow outlet can be variably directed ith the hydraulically operated snow chute. The folding towing triangle offers flexible working opportunities.
• Hydraulically controlled rotary snow chute (control of the visor and rotation)
• Bolt-on folding plane/indented blades (bolt pattern 305 mm), bolt-on smooth side blades/slide pads
• Foldable towing triangle; the snow thrower can be installed to be either pulled or pushed
• Plate stands
• Cover plate to prevent snow from running back into the drum
• Optional support wheels are available as an accessory to avoid slippery tracks from occurring from the stands when working on sidewalks and in yards.
• Boltable undercutters
• Hydraulically controlled undercutter
• Support wheels
• Reduction gear and direction changer
• Loading chute / chute extension
• LED side lights

  1. Technical data
  2. Photos
Model Working width (A) End height (B) Throwing impeller Ø Weight Power consumption Screw diameter (C) Spline shaft
250HS 2500 mm 940 mm 760 mm 890 kg 60 kW 430 mm 1 3/8”
260HS 2600 mm 1130 mm 950 mm 1300 kg 70 kW 460 mm 1 3/4”

Weights may vary depending on the equipment.