> The VAMA open and rotary sweepers are effective tools for year-round variable sweeping work. The rotary sweepers are suitable for several types of industrial equipment and can be fitted with a wide range of accessories. The rotary sweeper has a hydraulic brushing angle adjustment, floating tilt, as well as a large vertical float.

< The VAMA sweeper machines are very easy to use. The sweeper machine is suitable for all tractors due to its simple operating principle. There are two kinds of structure types, which differ in respect of their waste container mechanism. In the EHK models, the container opens at the bottom, while in the EHK/A models the container opens upwards at the front. The sweeper machine’s structure is solid, so the machine is durable and long lasting. The tractor requires a single 2-way hydraulic connection.

> The VAMA bucket brushes are particularly well suited for industrial and other large area cleaning. Large pieces can be quickly and efficiently collected when driving forward, and by reversing the smaller debris can be collected, and get the best accuracy. The work is effective due to, for example, the large waste container volume, which enables less frequent emptying intervals.