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Collecting sweeper machines

The VAMA sweeper machines are very easy to use. The sweeper machine is suitable for all tractors due to its simple operating principle. There are two kinds of structure types, which differ in respect of their waste container mechanism. In the EHK models, the container opens at the bottom, while in the EHK/A models the container opens upwards at the front. The sweeper machine’s structure is solid, so the machine is durable and long lasting. The tractor requires a single 2-way hydraulic connection.

Standard equipment
• Rotation of the main brush, rotation of the side brushes; opening of the container
• Right-side side brush
• Beeline brush discs
• Side brush with steel reinforcement
• ± 100 mm float
• bottom-opening container in EHK models
• top-opening container in EHK/A models, which enables a low drainage height
• possibility to use the EHK/A model as an open sweeper as well

  1. Technical data
  2. Accessories
  3. Photos
Model Weight Width (A Main brush width (B) With 1/2 side brushes Ø Main brush (C)
EHK/A 1200 520 kg 1290 mm 1000 mm 1490/2040 mm 600 mm
EHK/A 1600 675 kg 1690 mm 1400 mm 1890/2440 mm 600 mm
EHK/A 2000 760 kg 2090 mm 1800 mm 2290/2840 mm 600 mm
EHK 1800 800 kg 2180 mm 1800 mm 2390/2870 mm 700 mm
EHK 2200 960 kg 2580 mm 2200 mm 2790/3270 mm 700 mm

Weights may vary depending on the equipment.

• Left side brush
• Water tank
• Irrigation system (requires electrical connection at the front of the tractor)
• 1500 litre water tank to 3-point fixings
• High-pressure dust suppression (hydraulic)
• Pressure washing system
• Wire bristles (airports)
Hydraulic lift of side brushes